Greater Scranton Jaycees Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Greater Scranton Jaycees?

A: The Greater Scranton Jaycees, a local chapter of the United States Junior Chamber (JCI USA), is an organization which gives young people between the ages of 18 and 41 the tools they need to build the bridges of success for themselves in the areas of business  and leadership development, management skills, individual training, community service and international connections.

Q: How do I become a member of the Scranton Jaycees?

A: The cost for a 1-year membership is $55.00. That’s less than $5 a month – what a deal!  You may request a paper application at any of our upcoming events.

*We currently have a membership drive underway and 1st year of membership is only $25!

Q: What type of events do the Scranton Jaycees host?

A: Other than the monthly Membership Meeting, the Scranton Jaycees host a number of different events throughout the year. These events involve community development & volunteering, individual development, and international relations. You may view a list of all upcoming events on our Calendar of Events.

Q: Are there other chapters of the Jaycees?

A: Yes, in fact Junior Chamber International is the third largest International Organization, with chapters like ours in over 110 countries.  More information regarding the Junior Chamber International can be found by clicking on the JCI link at the bottom of this page.

Q: Who are some well-known Jaycees?

A:  Elvis Presley, Ted Turner, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Larry Bird, Charles Lindbergh and Presidents Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton.

Q: Is attendance mandatory at any of the Scranton Jaycees events?

A: No. You may attend as many or as few events as you wish. Just know that the more you participate, the more benefit you will receive from becoming a member. There are many opportunities available that suit a wide variety of needs: social networking, business networking, leadership development, community involvement, individual development, and local, state, national and even international exposure.

Q: Can I put my Jaycees activities on my resume?

A: Yes. The Jaycees are a well-known, respected international organization with over 6,000 chapters in over 110 countries worldwide. ANY management position you accept or project you manage can be listed on your resume and members of the board can provide you with references. This is a GREAT way to expand your skill sets, experience, and contacts as well as be recognized as a leader and active member of your community by employers.

Q: May I adopt a leadership role in the organization? How?

A: Yes. In the Jaycees organization, upon becoming a member in good standing, you may adopt a leadership role by volunteering to chair or co-chair an event or by being nominated for and voted in to a particular office on the board.  Should you decide to accept either role, seasoned members are available to provide you with information and guidance.

Q: How can I find out even more information regarding your organization?

A: Check our website and Facebook page.  Our Calendar of Events has all of scheduled upcoming activities or better yet, attend one of our upcoming General Meetings, held the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm at The Scranton Club in downtown Scranton.

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