Join the Greater Scranton Jaycees

Executive Membership may be conferred upon any individual that is 41 years of age or older and is not eligible to be a General Member.  Executive Members can be Scranton Jaycee Alumni, but it is not a requirement.  All Executive Members must be approved by the General Membership by a majority vote.  An Executive Member shall not chair a program or event unless no other General Member steps forward to chair such program or event.  An Executive Member has no voting rights.  An Executive Member cannot hold any elected or appointed positions on the Board.  Membership fees for an Executive Membership will be half the regular membership dues, this cost is $20.00.  The Chairperson or Membership Director will serve as a liaison between the Executive Members and the Board.

To inquire about Executive Membership with the Greater Scranton Jaycees, please contact President Chris Bednar at

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